Union Presbyterian Church




Church Leadership

Union Presbyterian Church is guided by a Session of 12 Elders, called to ministry by the congregation. Elders serve on Session for a term of 3 years.


The Session holds open meetings on the 3rd Sunday of the month at 2:30 pm. The Session prays, study’s Scripture, and with God’s help envisions the direction for the church.


The work of Union Presbyterian Church is done through 6 committees and 2 support organizations: Strengthening of the Church, Witness and Service, Worship and Commitment, Building and Grounds, Communication and Technology, Finance, Women of the Church, and Men of the Church.


The Cemetery Committee oversees the needs for the Cemetery of the church and the Scholarship Committee manages the Pearl Henderson Scholarship fund, used to assist Union Presbyterian Church students enrolled in higher education.


Click here to find out more about what each committee does and who to contact with questions.