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Welcome, These links lead to the New Testament Bible on MP3. It's in the NIV translation and it's read by award winner Stephen Johnston. All of these files have no copyright and are completely free for you to download, save on your computer, and enjoy. . .






To Download a file, "Right Click" of the file you want, then select "Save Target As" to wherever you want to put the file. To Play a file just double click it and your media player should load and play the selected file.




Audio Bible Listing


File Name
Play Time
File Name
Play Time
6 minutes
122 minutes
24 minutes
76 minutes
6 minutes
131 minutes
2 minutes
103 minutes
38 minutes
123 minutes
13 minutes
54 minutes
14 minutes
52 minutes
9 minutes
33 minutes
16 minutes
18 minutes
4 minutes
17 minutes
59 minutes
12 minutes
11 minutes
10 minutes